Cupping has a long history going back in time.
The practice of cupping can be traced back to ancient China, where it was used as part of traditional Chinese medicine.
Cupping is used to promote blood circulation, reduce pain and improve the body's energy flow known as "qi".

The marks are not dangerous and often tell where the greatest tension is, and you can therefore use the marks as a guide to which direction to continue in, in order to loosen up the muscles the most. The marks are not dangerous and disappear after about 4-10 days. However, care must be taken when performing cupping on scars where the skin is thin or with too much heat in the same place. You should therefore not make cupping marks on top of each other or in the same place again, until the marks from the end are gone.

When you use our products, you can achieve pain relief, increased mobility, greater well-being and relaxation.

💜 Cupping can 💜
• Stimulate and strengthen the immune system
• Increase blood flow in connective tissue, joints and muscles
• Stimulate the tissue and internal organs
• Increase blood supply and heat to affected organs
• Release old waste materials from the connective tissue
• Increase cleansing in the body

🩵 Gua Sha can🩵
• Improve blood circulation
• Give renewed glow to the skin and reduce dryness in the skin
• Relax the muscles
• Give increased suppleness in the skin
• Cleanse the skin of waste products

❤️ Infrared heat can ❤️
• Help the body to relax and recover
• Relieve ailments such as muscle and joint pain
• Open the pores of the skin so that waste products can easily escape
• Provide pain relief and relax the muscles
• Put the combustion in the air

Purelife Gua Sha Cupping also has Micro Low Frequency Electrical Impulses

💛 Micro low-frequency electrical impulses can 💛
• Stimulate nerves and reduce pain
• Relieve muscle tension
• Increase muscle tone and strengthen muscles
• Attenuate pain signals
• Tighten the connective tissue in the skin

Cupping, massage and gua sha can help if you suffer
• Myoses
• Pain in the lower back, back or neck
• Problems with digestion
• Pain in the knee or elbow
• Menstruation or ovulation pain

You can try your hand, but find inspiration for cupping points in the picture or follow along on our Instagram and Facebook.

Our products can be charged and used wherever you are. We use it both at home, when traveling and for sports.

They also have an electronic display, which makes it easy to control both suction power and heat, as well as a quick release function when you need to remove the cup.

If you have any questions, you can always send us an email at

Best regards

Rasmus and Mai


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